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About us


Blossom Scholastic is a 501(c)(3) founded by women scientists and veterans and dedicated to girls science education. We create experiences that empower young women to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. We envision a world where every girl, regardless of income, feels welcome to pursue her passion for STEM.


The feelings at the heart of our organization is that it is great to be a girl. We have made great progress to push past the harmful notion that "girls can't" in science; now the stereotype that needs breaking is "girls don't." The laws of nature don't change with gender, and exploring and investigating the world in fun for everyone.


Blossom provides a place where girls feel comfortable and welcome to investigate science and technology. Children are always imagining their future! We provide an encouraging environment and positive, relatable role-models to help girls pursue their dreams. 


Blossom believes that learning should be fun and inclusive. We host day camps at local universities that foster skill learning in a fun, inspirational and safe environment. Our flagship program at the University of Cincinnati has a series of camps that teach robotics, zoology, and programming. Through our scholarship program, we aim to provide this service to underserved youth free of charge. All girls, regardless of economic background, deserve the chance to have an extraordinary education experience, and explore their interests in STEM.





Why We Care



By 2020 1 in 8 jobs in the US will be in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). Workers in these fields earn 33% more on average and enjoy 5% lower unemployment rate than their peers. While women make up 48% of the work force, they occupy only 24% of these rewarding careers.


The lack of diversity in the tech world is a well known problem. Facebook, Google, Amazon and others took an interest in how to solve it. They went and interviewed women who are doctors and engineers and asked them what led them into these fields. The overwhelming response was that those women had a positive experience with technology when they were young girls. Blossom exists to provide those experiences.


During the summer months, children lose some of the educational progress that they gained in the prior school year. Researchers who study this phenomena have found that having just one learning experience mitigates this loss. Blossom provides an opportunity for girls to learn the skills needed for the future in an environment just for them.


Style and Safety 



At Blossom, we utilize an integrated learning approach which mixes Montessori style peer-to-peer learning, traditional instructor interaction and hands-on experiences. Our curriculum focuses on teaching skills through self-guided computer modules and fun experiments and activities. Every student will learn to code. The ability to code is arguably second only to reading as the most important skill to have in our emerging economy. As such, devoting some time each session to introductory coding principles will be a staple of our skills-based curriculum.


Our student's safety is our number one concern. We work closely with university event staff to develop emergency readiness plans, and our staff members have undergone comprehensive safety training. All of our staff are Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified and have undergone background checks. Our site director is trained in the administration of prescription drugs to minors and how to keep a medical log. Protocols for secure child drop-off and pick-up are emailed after registration, and lines of contact with legal guardians established. Strict supervision ratios of 10:1 are kept at all times, and adults are never left alone with a child.


Our Impact 


Blossom fills critical gaps in the girls STEM education field. The leading national computer camp still has 85% enrollment of boys. The leading girls STEM non-profit only serves high schoolers in a few major cities. Blossom creates extraordinary experiences for young girls in a space that is just for them.


Blossom's day camps at University of Cincinnati span three weeks and serve 90 girls in the greater Cincinnati area. At least twenty percent of students attend free of charge on need based scholarships. Our students gain valuable skills and the confidence to learn and succeed in science, technology, engineering and math.


In addition to our students, Blossom has a wider economic impact in the community. 72% of families with children require childcare in the summer months. Providing free childcare to underprivileged families and is an economic multiplier freeing needed resources for these families.




  • Who are you? We are a grassroots non-profit founded by group of women scientists and veterans in Ohio and New York. 


  • What ages do you enroll? Our camps are geared to teach 8-12 year olds. Generally, we accept rising 2nd through rising 6th graders.


  • Are your camps open to anyone? Yes. Our program is open to all 8-12 year olds, no affiliation to the university required, nor do we exclude boys and non-binary persons from our camps.


  •   Are my contributions tax deductible? Yes, as a federally recognized 501(c)(3) your cash contributions are tax deductible as are donations of goods and equipment.


  • Is lunch included? No. Lunch is not included in our registration fees. Students will need to bring their own lunch or money to purchase food from dining facilities on campus.

Refund and Cancelation Policy


  • Cancellations: Camp cancellation requests submitted one week before the start of the camp will receive a 100% refund minus any vendor fees. Camp transfer requests may be made through the Monday of the camp week. All transfers are subject to availability and are not guaranteed. Transfers will not be accepted after the Monday of the camp week.
  • Refunds: If Blossom Scholastic cancels a camp, you have the option to accept a transfer or refund. No refunds will be given for sick or missed days of camp.

Waiver of Liability

You all the risks associated with participation in this program. You certify that your child/dependent is capable of participating in our learning program, all related activities. Exceptions are noted on the medical form. You waive and release Blossom, its staff, volunteers and Board members from any and all liability, claims, demands, and causes of action arising out of or related to any loss, personal injury, disease, illness, or property loss that may be sustained or occur from participation in or otherwise be associated with Blossom Scholastic. You have read the camp policies and agree to adhere to them. You understand that valuables are brought to camp at campers’ own risk. Any personal items lost or stolen will not be replaced by the Blossom Scholastic. You give your consent for your child/dependent to receive medical treatment which may be deemed advisable in the event of injury, accident, and/or illness during camp. You agree to assume the cost of such care, and indemnify Blossom, its staff, volunteers and Board members for cost of emergency care provided. 



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