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in partnership with the College of Engineering

Our Camps In partnership with the College of Engineering, this weeklong experience for 8-12 year olds creates a special community of joy and learning. Held from 8am-4pm Monday through Friday on The Ohio State University. On campus in college classrooms, students are guided by an adult instructor through daily activities exploring science and technology. We maintain a 10:1 student/teacher ratio for safety and to optimize learning new skills with new friends.  

Summer science camp for girls at UC.
girls in STEM camp



Want to make a video game? A music video? A cartoon? Students can bring their imaginations to life with Scratch coding!


Utilizing the technology of the Raspberry Pi 2 Model B, our students learn how to set up their very own computer and Linux operating system. From there, they're introduced to the world of open-source software and Scratch- a programming language specifically geared towards their age group.


We teach girls how to think like a programmer in an intuitive, kid-friendly way. Much like reading- after one learns to code, one can code to learn. The potential behind this new type of language is enormous and unstoppable.



Top skills learned in this class:

  • Scratch programming
  • Open source software
  • The Linux environment
  • Algorithm development
  • Creative problem solving

Every student takes home:

  • A Raspberry Pi computer
  • Take-home version of Linux operating system
  • USB memory stick with her projects
  • A custom Blossom t-shirt

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3D Printing

Ready for a challenge where imagination and computer science meets?  Our 3D printing course does just that as students learn to design a 3D object and prepare the printer to bring their design to life!

In this hands-on course students will visualize and create as they learn about the growing world of 3D printing.  Working with Tinker CAD 3D printing software, students will learn to take an idea from concept to reality by learning about the software and process of creating the image digitally to having a finished product.  Many people are using this technology for creating prototypes and designs with new applications on the rise.  This class is perfect for the aspiring graphic designer, architect, programmer, and anyone interested in learning about this interesting technology!


Top skills learned in this class:

  • 3D modeling with tinker CAD
  • Thermoplastic chemistry
  • Creative design
  • Collaborative engineering theory

Every student takes home:

  • 3D printed creation she designed
  • USB memory stick with her projects
  • A custom Blossom t-shirt

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Discover the amazing world of robotics with LEGO and 4M robots. Students can take a variety of robots from their imagination into the real world using LEGO's microcomputer brick and a kid-friendly drag-and-drop programming system. Working in teams, students innovate and engineer robots to interact with objects, navigate mazes and solve other problems.


Robotics are being integrated into every facet of our modern lives, from manufacturing to medicine. This hands-on class provides a fun first experience in this growing field, as well as helping girls build the problem-solving skills needed for the future!  


Top skills learned in this class:

  • Motorized robot construction
  • Line coding and logic
  • Gear mechanics
  • Teamwork
  • Problem solving

Every student takes home:

  • A 4M robot she built
  • A USB memory stick with projects
  • A custom Blossom t-shirt

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Explore the world of living things! Why are animals different from one another? How can we classify them? How have they adapted to their environment? Following curriculum developed by the Cincinnati zoo, students explore anatomy, biochemistry, animal habitats and ecology.  They use microscopes, simulation software, and other technology to learn the techniques, tools and methods used by real scientists who study animals and other living things.


Biotechnology is going to change the world in ways we can't even imagine! This exciting course is perfect for the aspiring biologist, veterinarian, doctor, or  anyone who just loves animals.


Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 9.33.12 PM

Top skills learned in this class:

  • Microscopy
  • Bacteria culturing
  • Data analysis
  • Habitat design
  • Critical thinking

Every student takes home:

  • Scientific notebook with experimental data
  • USB memory stick with her digital projects
  • A custom Blossom t-shirt

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Blossom believes that every girl, regardless of income,  should be able to pursue her passion for science, technology, engineering and math. We proudly offer need based scholarships to girls from families of limited means. In order to meet our mission of providing a high quality education experience we don't sacrifice quality in our program for the sake of accessibility. All girls, regardless of economic background, deserve the chance to experience an exceptional education program, and explore their interests in a place just for them. 


We value diversity in our community and strive to create an environment where girls from many backgrounds and walks of life can befriend one another.


We ask that interested applicants be from families with household income less than $40K/year and live in the greater Columbus area. 



  • Who are you? We are a grassroots non-profit founded by group of women scientists and veterans in Ohio and New York. You can read more about us here.


  • What ages do you enroll? Our camps are geared to teach 8-12 year olds. Generally, we accept rising 2nd through rising 6th graders. For special circumstances, please contact us.


  • Are your camps open to anyone? Yes. Our program is open to all 8-12 year olds, no affiliation to the university required. Although our camps are aimed at girls, we don't exclude boys or non-binary persons from our camps.


  • Is lunch included? No. Lunch is not included in our registration fees. Students will need to bring their own lunch or money to purchase food from dining facilities on campus.

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At Blossom, we utilize an integrated learning approach which mixes Montessori style peer-to-peer learning, traditional instructor interaction and hands-on experiences. Our curriculum focuses on teaching skills through self-guided computer modules, fun experiments and hands-on activities. 


Every student will learn to code. The ability to code is arguably second only to reading as the most important skill to have in our emerging economy. As such, devoting some time each session to introductory coding principles is a staple of our skills-based curriculum.


Our student's safety is our number one concern. We work closely with university event staff to develop emergency readiness plans, and our staff members have undergone comprehensive safety training. All of our staff are Red Cross CPR/First Aid certified and have undergone background checks. Our site director is trained in the administration of prescription drugs to minors and how to keep a medical log. Protocols for secure child drop-off and pick-up are emailed after registration, and lines of contact with legal guardians established. Strict supervision ratios of 10:1 are kept at all times, and adults are never left alone with a child.

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girls learning science at day camp
Summer science camp for girls at UC.
girls in STEM camp