STEM Camps for Girls

Hosted by top colleges, Blossom's camps give girls a safe and welcoming space to explore science and technology.  

Coding Camps

Utilizing the technology of the Raspberry Pi our students learn how Scratch- a programming language made just for their age group.


We teach girls how to think like a programmer in an intuitive, kid-friendly way. Coding is a top skill in the information economy - let her learn in a place just for her!

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3D Printing Camps


In 3D printing course students learn to design a 3D object and prepare the printer to bring their design to life!


Working with the 3D printing software, students will learn to take an idea from concept to reality by learning about the software and process of creating the image digitally to having a finished product.

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Robotics Camps

Discover the amazing world of robotics with LEGO and 4M robots. Working in teams, students innovate and engineer robots to interact with objects, navigate mazes and solve other problems.


This hands-on class provides a fun first experience in this growing field, as well as helping girls build the problem-solving skills needed for the future!  

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Zoology Camp


 Following curriculum developed in part by the Cincinnati zoo, students explore anatomy, biochemistry, animal habitats and ecology. Girls learn to use microscopes, simulation software, and other technology used by real scientists who study living things.


Biotechnology is going to change the world in ways we can't even imagine! This exciting course is perfect for the aspiring biologist, veterinarian, doctor, or  anyone who just loves animals.


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