About Us

We create experiences that empower girls to explore science and technology.


girls in STEM camp

Who We Are


We host immersive programs at local universities that teach the skills of tomorrow in an environment just for girls. Our camps and day long hackathon events are fun and inclusive! These long format events leave a lasting impression on participants. After going, 80% of girls will continue to teach themselves STEM skills for fun. We provide an encouraging environment and positive, relatable role-models to help girls pursue their dreams.
Through our scholarship program, we aim to provide our services to underserved youth free of charge. All girls, deserve the chance to have an extraordinary education experience. We envision a world where every girl, regardless of income, feels welcome to pursue her passion for STEM.

"We rarely find a content-rich enough experience for our daughter. Blossom was a welcome relief - she learned and laughed and was happy to come every day."

- Brandelyn, Cincinnati, OH


Why it matters


By 2020 1 in 8 jobs in the US will be in STEM fields. Woman in these fields earn more money, enjoy lower unemployment, and suffer a smaller gender gap in pay. Women make up half work force, but only a fraction work in STEM jobs.
74% of young girls express an interest in science and technology, but by the time they reach college, they lose interest. Now, only 12% of Computer Science degrees are earned by women.

The lack of diversity in the tech world is a well known problem. Facebook, Google, Amazon and others took an interest in how to solve it. They went and interviewed women who are doctors and engineers and asked them what led them into these fields. The overwhelming response was that those women had a positive experience with technology when they were young girls. Blossom exists to provide those experiences.


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"I want to see young girls have an opportunity to truly grow their interest in STEM in an environment that is encouraging and engaging."

-Darian, Board Chair

Our Impact

Blossom fills critical gaps in the girls STEM education field. The leading national computer camp still has 85% enrollment of boys. The leading girls STEM non-profit only serves high schoolers in a few major cities. Blossom creates extraordinary experiences for young girls in a space that is just for them throughout the Rust Belt and Midwest.


Blossom's day camps and hackathon events at regional universities of serve hundreds of girls each year. At least twenty percent of students attend free of charge on need based scholarships. Our students gain valuable skills and the confidence to learn and succeed in science, technology, engineering and math.


How the girls act:

After going to our camp, girls are twice as likely to code for fun at home.
After camp, 80% of girls are more interested inSTEM, and 60% will continue to teach themselves.

How the girls feel:

As a result of our program, girls are 50% less likely to think of robots and computers as “for boys.”
Girls are 46% more likely to imagine themselves having a career in technology.
98% of girls who go through our program feel more confident using science and technology.

How we affect the community:

72% of low income families require childcare during the summer months. Providing free childcare to underprivileged families is an economic multiplier freeing needed resources for these families.
Parents are 30% more likely to continue providing STEM activities to their girls after they go to Blossom's camps.