Springing into Action

April 3, 2017 JimmyB

We want to thank everyone who has donated to Blossom and contributed to our cause. Our all stars this month were Infotech WNY and Benjamin and Patrica Randle who gave scholarships to two girls in Buffalo! All of our donors and volunteers make a huge difference in our cause to reach out to young girls about the STEM fields.  With your continued support Blossom will continue to grow and become an even greater force in the movement to bring girls into STEM.

As we move into April we’ve been making great strides in getting young girls in Cincinnati and Buffalo to sign up to attend our camp! We still have a long way to go and lot more progress to make before we start our second summer of camps. It’s up to all of us to continue to make an effort to spread the word about Blossom and the opportunities we offer to learn at our camp.
Coming up this month is our second Hackathon ever that will be located in Buffalo.  We’re looking forward to another successful event for girls to explore all that STEM has to offer!