What I learned as a medical researcher

April 11, 2016 JimmyB

As a research assistant at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, I’ve learned a great deal about the

world of science. Science is a challenging and rewarding field that requires diligence, intelligence, drive,

and passion. I’ve seen science fail and I’ve seen science succeed. In research, I’ve had to experiment

and attempt new techniques. Sometimes I won’t be successful for many attempts and I can’t say that

it’s not discouraging at times but when I get something new to work it feels amazing. It’s far from

coincidence that I wound up in a scientific role; I was drawn to science as I was growing up and was

encouraged to pursue this passion.

As a woman in science, I can honestly say getting to this point was challenging. Growing up I ran

into several people who felt a career in science, medicine, or similar fields wasn’t fit for a woman who

would need to take care of kids one day or even people who just plainly told me I would never make it in

science. It wasn’t until now that I realize how wrong they all were. As a young girl, you get consumed in

what everyone thinks about you that you forget to pursue your own dreams because someone tells you

that you can’t. Instead of telling young girls what they shouldn’t do we should encourage them to

follow their passions and interests. If I had listened to these strangers I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Instead, I was encouraged by my family to keep my interest in science and pursue it when I continued to


If I hadn’t been encouraged by the people I was close to growing up, I’m not sure if I would have

gotten my Bachelor’s with a major in Zoology and a minor in Chemistry. Now, seeing how much

encouragement from others can do for self-esteem, I see how critical it is to encourage young girls to

follow their interests in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as these jobs are

growing and women are just as capable to hold these roles. We don’t want these young girls to give up

on hopes of these fields before they’ve had the chance to fully experience what they can do.

I decided to become involved in Blossom for a number of reasons. One of the biggest reasons is

that I want to see young girls have an opportunity to truly grow their interest in STEM in an environment

that is encouraging and engaging. I want to see a future where every girl has the opportunity to pursue

their passion. I know what this means to me, now I want to see what it can mean to the young girls

pursuing STEM.