Our Story

March 28, 2016 JimmyB

Last summer while working for the largest computer camp company in the world, I noticed a troubling trend. At the start of each camp, parents would drive up with a son and a daughter in the car. The son would hop out for a week long coding course, but they drive away with their daughter still in the car.  After seeing this happen time and time again, I began to wonder why. Why was it their son who got to learn how to code while their daughter was relegated to volleyball or soccer camp? Coding is a major life skill in today’s society. Surely, these parents want both their kids to get a head start.

I started asking parents why they weren’t sending their daughters to our camps. Overwhelmingly, they said that their daughter was afraid that she would be the only girl there. 9 times out of 10 she would have been correct.

Truly the saddest part was what was keeping her from going to computer camp wasn’t the idea computers were for boys or girls aren’t supposed to like robots. It was the fear that girls wouldn’t be welcome or  there would be no one like her.

Thus Blossom was born. Our mission is to send a stronger message: tech camp is for girls. Blossom creates experiences that empower girls to explore science, technology, engineering and math. Our camps give girls a fun and inspirational environment to develop the confidence they need to succeed. We give girls a place in STEM education that is just for them.